The Future of Us, Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

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In 1996, a long time before Facebook, Emma installs Internet on her brand new computer for the first time. Right after making herself an email address, she finds herself staring at her Facebook page from 15 years in the future. Her childhood friend Josh, with whom she hasn’t really talked with for six months, and her get closer again and start changing their futures and watch them change.

Personally, I would never want to know what my future will look like. It would take away my dreaming and wondering, take away my future choices, it would make my life quite boring, I believe. Of course I do think about the future. A lot. I keep asking myself: What shall I do? What will I do? What do I want to be most? What am I destined to be?
But sometimes you should just concentrate on the present instead of the future. You should think about what you want right here, right now, and follow that dream so you don’t regret it. So that you’ll be able to say: “I did my best.”
That’s what this book told my heart.
As Emma changes her future countless times, never satisfied with her own future, it not only makes her future self unhappy, but her present self as well. Even though the story can be a little frustrating to read, I found it comforting to be able to predict that everything would turn out fine, judging the two authors well.
I liked the structure of the book very much. There were chapters from the view of both Josh and Emma, so that I could understand both their ways of thinking and their intentions, which was also why I assumed the story would have a happy ending.


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